Shipping a Motorcycle

Have you just purchased a bike and are currently looking into shipping it?

Or maybe you’re an aspiring auto transport broker who has no clue how to go about shipping a motorcycle for your clients? If this is your first time shipping a motorcycle, then…

Howdy my friend!

Like most, you probably started out saying, “I want a motorcycle.”

That inner kid in you wanted something you can just jump on and ride into the sunset. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to just clear your mind and be free.

So you started looking into actually buying a motorcycle. But not just any old fandango. You want the perfect motorcycle. One that will fit you and your style of riding. One that when you sit on it, you’ll automatically know she’s the one.

If you are here, you must have found her. How is she? She’s a beauty isn’t she? The girl {I meant bike} of your dreams. Now you just have to ship your motorcycle. But you can’t just ship her with anyone, she’s special, she’s important to you.

So I’m here to rescue you with some quick tips. I don’t want to make this into a, “my eyes are bleeding do I have to continue reading” type of post so I will keep it short and sweet.

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Shipping A Motorcycle Tip #1: Make sure you have everything finalized before looking for a transport company. {I had a client who ended up in a very costly situation because she didn’t do this} You don’t want to think everything is good and secure a transport company only to find out there was an error in processing the sale. =(

Shipping A Motorcycle Tip #2: Find a transport company that will ship your motorcycle on an enclosed trailer. I ship all motorcycles on an enclosed auto trailer so you don’t have to drain your oil, your bike fits flawlessly on the grooves and its added protection for her. And it’s not as expensive as you may think which relates to my next tip.

Shipping A Motorcycle Tip #3: Unless you have a Chopper or any extra long bike, shipping a motorcycle on an enclosed carrier shouldn’t cost you a ton load. For every one car space, an enclosed car trailer can hold anywhere from 2-4 motorcycles. On average, I have shipped motorcycles for about $.28-.29 per mile. {I repeat, ON AVERAGE} Every company prices their shipments differently so be sure to ask.

There you go, my three tips for shipping a motorcycle.

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