What You Should Know About Door To Door Auto Transport,

When you are looking to ship your vehicle, you may have heard that when you ship your car with auto transport brokers, your car will change from truck to truck as it goes across the country. During your quest for a reliable auto transport company, you will hear a lot of companies mention Door to Door Auto Transport and how they include it in your car shipping rate. This can get a little bit confusing from a clients’ point of view so I will explain what you need to know about Door to Door Auto Transport.

So let’s talk about door to door auto transport and what you need to know:

1. Door to Door Auto Transport is NOT an add on service.

The first thing you should know about door to door auto transport is that it is not an extra or additional service. Although some auto transport brokers will package it as an add on service, it’s not! So do not be fooled by a company that tells you that you should pay extra for door to door auto transport or that they are giving it to you as a “complimentary” service just for choosing them. This is one of the many dirty little white lies auto transport companies like to tell you. It is what I call a standard car shipping service.

Most auto transport drivers will try everything in their power to get your car to your front door.

After all, the closer to your front door, the bigger the possibility you will consider tipping them. Once your vehicle is on the truck, it will be taken non-stop to your destination. It will never change trucks unless the truck breaks down or you need it placed on a flat bed and delivered to your front door when otherwise impossible.

2. Sometimes Door to Door Auto Transport is just not possible.

Although it is a standard practice to give you door to door auto transport services, there are some instances when its simply not possible. Yes your vehicle will always remain on the auto carrier, but sometimes because auto transport trucks are very long and need space to maneuver it’s impossible to get to your front door. Low clearance, dead ends, and small streets are just a few reasons why they wouldn’t be able to deliver directly to your door. Its unfortunate and heart breaking but if this does happen in your case, the auto carrier will meet you at a nearby location that’s suitable for both you and them.

I do not want you to expect that with every shipment, you will get door to door auto transport services. If you didn’t know this before shipping a car, it can lead to the ultimate let down. Fortunately you now know what to expect and what consists of door to door auto transport.

No Guarantees

Although door to door auto transport is like second nature, the most important thing to remember when shipping a car is that door to door auto transport is not guaranteed. You might look at your street and feel that the truck can fit but without experience, there’s no way for you to know if it can or can not fit. Ultimately, its up to the driver to decide, with his better judgement, whether or not he can make it into your neighborhood. So be understanding, be open and enjoy your door to door auto transport experience.

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