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Don't become a freight broker. Do this instead. But before I jump into that, let me ask you: Are you thinking about becoming a freight broker? Have you heard the masses talking about how freight brokers are making so much money? Taking 50% of the load, they're banking...

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3 Mistakes Freight Brokers Make and How to Avoid Them

In this video, you're going to uncover 3 mistakes freight brokers make and how to avoid them. In no way is this list exhaustive, but it's more focused on you taking action.   Whether you're a newly licensed freight broker, an aspiring one in the research phase or a...

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How to choose a freight broker training course

Looking for a freight broker training program? With so many options out there it is hard to choose one. For one, a lot of them are filled with fluff. Another thing is that a lot of the programs have popped up what seems like overnight. This is a huge issue for people...

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Before you become a freight broker, WATCH THIS.

Before you become a freight broker, watch this video. We are covering the three main reasons I think that freight brokers should ship cars. This can be considered a part two to my original video: Don't become a freight broker, do this instead. You’ll learn 3 more...

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Is the auto transport broker industry too saturated

Is the auto transport broker industry too saturated? I get asked this question a lot and the answer is no! In this video, I explain why it's not and how you can stand out even in the most saturated markets. Ready to start your business?...

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How to prevent auto transport clients from double booking

Do you go to post on central dispatch only to discover that your client's car is already there? Has your auto transport client double booked and now you're left looking around like WTF just happened? Are you making this key newbie mistake? Watch this video about How...

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Go From Newbie to Car Shipping Rockstar.

Hey! I’m Ashley, and I teach REALLY AWESOME people like you how to become an auto transport broker.

I first created my auto transport broker training course in 2014. Throughout the years, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of people start AND grow auto transport brokering businesses. I’ve also helped thousands of new brokers and agents through my free  Youtube channel.

With almost two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and over a decade of experience in the trucking and auto relocation industry combined, I love sharing everything I know with you.

Many students say they chose me because I’m knowledgable, down to earth and they enjoy my NO BS approach to teaching.

I love to shake up the industry, spice up the process and make getting paid to ship cars fun and exciting.

Let me show you how to Ship More Cars™ in a straight forward, easy to follow manner. Turning you from newbie to Car Shipping Rockstar in as little as 8 weeks.

Sounds like a plan? Click the button below to see behind the scenes of my course.

The Ultimate Auto Transport Broker Training Course!

A self study auto transport broker training course. You’ll learn how to become an auto transport broker and how to get paid to ship cars! Plus you’ll get done for you resources, email templates, contracts and so much more… 💕 You’re also backed by a 7 Day Love It or Refund It Guarantee.

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