Is now the best time to become an auto transport broker?

Is now the best time to become an auto transport broker?

The auto transport industry is a vital part of the economy, with millions of cars and trucks being shipped across the country every year. As such, there is always a demand for auto transport brokers who can connect vehicle owners with reliable carriers. If you’re considering a career change or starting a new business, becoming an auto transport broker could be a great opportunity.

In recent years, the auto transport industry has been growing steadily. There are several reasons why we could argue that now is an excellent time to become an auto transport broker:

1 | Increased demand for auto transport services.

The need for auto transport brokers has increased in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue.

Fueled by the growth of online car sales and increased relocation rates, more people need to transport their vehicles across the country. As a result, there is a growing need for reliable and efficient auto transport brokers who can connect customers with reputable carriers.

This growing demand means there is a significant opportunity for auto transport brokers to thrive in this industry. As long as you can come in with a plan to how you will stand out, there is always room for another high value broker.

The demand for auto transport companies shown as a graph.
The demand for auto transport companies shown as a graph. Source: Google


2 | Flexible Schedule.

As an auto transport broker, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere and set your own schedule. With the advancement of technology and the ever increasing popularity of text messaging and messenger sales, you can easily communicate with clients and carriers, allowing you to manage your business remotely.

This has attracted a lot more people to the industry.

3 | Low Start Up and Overhead Costs.

Compared to other industries, the startup costs for an auto transport brokerage business are relatively low.

You need about $2500-5000 to get started. You don’t need to purchase any vehicles or specialized equipment.

Unlike other businesses that require physical offices or storefronts, you can operate your auto transport brokerage business from home. This means that you can save on overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and other expenses.

All you need is your computer or phone and the knowledge and drive to get started.

4 | High Income Potential.

The auto transport brokerage business can be highly lucrative. Although most brokers are like “starving artists”, the ones who come in with a plan and executes it, sees success.

Brokers typically earn a percentage of the total cost of shipping a vehicle, which can range from several hundred per vehicle (average is $200/car) to several thousand dollars per load of vehicles. I’ve personally made up to $2300 on a move.

The more vehicles you ship, the more income you can earn. It’s really a game of numbers. If you know the math, you know your earning potential.

Combine that with strategic marketing strategies and you have a recipe for success.

5 | Low Barrier to Entry.

The auto transport broker business has a low barrier to entry. You do not need a specialized degree or certification to become a broker.

However, it is essential to have some basic knowledge of the industry, such as how to book a load from start to finish, or how to show your value to perspective clients and how to attract high value clients in the first place.

Outside of having to be federally licensed, it’s literally open access.

6 | Limited competition.

Despite the growing demand for auto transport services, the industry remains relatively fragmented.

Yes there are a lot of auto transport brokers in the space, BUT there are very few dominant players. This means that there is a significant opportunity for new auto transport brokers to establish themselves as reputable brokers and grow their businesses.

It’s all about positioning yourself as the go to expert in your niche. Even though auto transport is a niche, you need to specialize further if you want to take a slice of the proverbial pie.

7 | Technological advancements.

The auto transport industry has seen several technological advancements in recent years, which have made it easier and more efficient to run your auto transport broker business. For example, brokering CRM systems are getting more sophisticated and catching up with the times.

What was once a clunky and hideous process, now has displayed growth and promise. With CRM systems like BATS, the digital platforms have allowed brokers to quickly and easily find and connect with carriers, post loads, price moves and manage their businesses from anywhere.

In the Ultimate Auto Transport Broker Training Course, you’ll learn a fast an easy way to price accurately every single time. With the continuation of technological growth, I can only see industry growth from here.


Is now the best time to become an auto transport broker?

The reality is, the industry is growing, and there is limited competition doing it the right way. This makes it an excellent opportunity for new auto transport brokers who want to build their business from the ground up and dominate their unique space in the market.

With high earning potential and a growing demand for auto transport services, becoming an auto transport broker is a smart move for those looking to enter an exciting and lucrative industry.

The real answer is actually up to you. Only you can truly decide if now is the best time for you…

If your answer is YES, and you’re interested in starting your auto transport broker business on the right foot, taking advantage of the numerous gaps in the market, let us show you the way. Check out our Ultimate Auto Transport Broker Training Course here.


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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Auto Transport Broker Business Now.


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