Hello ReloFans! Welcome to another edition of the ReloGeek Insider! Today, I wanted to make a quick video about myself. Letting you into my world and what drives me. If you are wondering if you are what drives me, well ding ding! You are right. I am so proud to say that-

“You Made Me One of Best Auto Transport Companies Around”

So a big thank you! I really mean it. Because of your superb word of mouth testimonials and referrals, I am able to grow my business, do what I LOVE {helping people like you} and get to spend time with my daughter.

After 8 long years as a truck driver, sacrificing my health, my friends and even my family life, I have been able to come off the road, become an auto transport broker and run one of the best auto transport companies around. Yes I said it! It’s a very bold claim, but you have made it all possible.

I wear each one of my auto transport reviews like a badge of honor- wouldn’t you?

So this week, come along with me on a personal ride-


Now let me hear from you. Do you have ANYTHING you would love to ask me? I would love to hear from you so leave your comments below.

Thanks for watching and if you know anyone that can find this weeks video useful, please share. By sharing, you can continue to help make ReloGeek one of the

“Best Auto Transport Companies Around!”

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