Thinking about scoring dealer contracts?

Think Again!

Why You Won’t Score Dealer Contracts For Your Auto Transport Broker Business.

Almost every auto transport broker I know, including myself has at one point or another fantasized about scoring that big whale: Dealer Contracts.

Speaking from a place of experience, I know why you want to get your foot into the door of these car dealerships:

  1. Consistent income: who doesn’t want income they can count on. When you work with dealerships, you know that the work will always be there and when the work is consistent? That means consistent income.
  2. Big Bucks: let’s be real. The dealerships pay and they pay big.
  3. Accomplishment + Bragging Rights: scoring a contract with Audi or Ford is a big deal. Who doesn’t like to have a big name behind our belts for a sense of accomplishment and bragging rights.
  4. Destination Easy Street: this is a big one. Once you land the big fish, you don’t have to market yourself as much and best part, selling becomes obsolete. Goodbye selling and marketing, hello destination easy street.

The list can go on and on, but those are the top 4 legitimate and desirable reasons to want to get these dealerships to work with you. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Would getting a dealership contract really help your auto transport broker business?

Better yet, is getting a contract highly likely?

Here’s the deal.


Although it sounds so sexy and extremely enticing, it’s not.

Most people who land these kind of deals will never tell you the realities of what goes on behind the scenes. They will fill your head with hopes and dreams. Some true, most evasive. They’ll brag about how they’ve got consistent income, they’re making top dollar and that they don’t even have to sell their brokering services.

Again, some true but quite evasive.

Let me assure you, you probably won’t score dealer contracts for your auto transport broker business.

And to help explain why, I’ve created a video for you.

Please remember that I am speaking from my experiences alone. The views expressed in this video are of mine alone and should be taken as such. If you want to go out and get dealership contracts, by all means I’m cheering for you. However as you’ll learn in this video, there’s something you need to know about why most dealerships won’t even speak to you about partnering with your auto transport broker business.

So check out this weeks episode on ReloGeek TV:

Why You Won’t Score Dealer Contracts For Your Auto Transport Broker Business.

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