What to expect when moving a car.

This is a topic that can become very controversial and there will be tons of nay Sayers but who the hell cares. As friend, you deserve to know the real deal on what to expect and what not to expect.

As you can see, I’m very lighthearted and giddy and even a dork who like to not take life too seriously BUT I understand the stress you face when you are trying to get things done. Before I get into my top things you can expect, I want to preface with this;

When I started this company, I knew I wanted to be different. I spent countless hours {weeks if you ask hubby} trying to figure out how to be different. I read hundreds of reviews, I talked with friends and family members who have + have not shipped before just to try to piece together a strategy on how to be different.

One day I had a meeting with an advertiser that worked for yellow pages. She told me that I had something unique to bring to the industry; my personality! I nodded in agreement but really and truly I thought, “Yeah I know I have a different personality, but that’s not going to make people choose me over the other hundreds of transport brokers. I’m just a little fish in a big pond.”

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So I tried to be different, then I tried to be like everyone else and eventually I came full circle + decided to just be me. I always loved to help people, I love teaching, I love making people happy and I’m brutally honest even when I should probably sweeten it up a bit. So I decided I’m best at being me! That is what I bring to this industry. Integrity + authenticity! I won’t blast anyone or down how others CHOOSE to do their business, but I WILL tell you what I know from my experience as a driver + broker and how I run my business.

So enough running my mouth about me, on to the real reason why you came here.

What to expect when moving a car:

Auto Transport Brokers do not own trucks- Yes I said it. They are just the middle man. So why are they necessary? In short, brokers have access to hundreds of trucks through a national load board, not to be confused with USHIP. Access to this exclusive board makes it easier for them to find a truck in your route when you need it.

Auto Transport Brokers cannot guarantee a space on a truck– Despite the marketing gimmick some brokers like to use, they can not guarantee a space on any auto transport truck unless they work with carriers directly. Yes there are companies out there who do. But, once they receive a call from the carrier who’s willing to pick up your vehicle, then your space is considered BOOKED- for the most part. There are obvious things like the carrier cancelling or breaking down that can factor in but generally speaking, once a carrier has agreed with the broker to move your car, you’re in the clear.

Truckers need brokers and brokers need truckers- There are no brokers if there are no truckers. The truckers who don’t have access to large marketing budget wont be in business if there are no brokers. But, do not be fooled, there’s a disconnect in the industry. Some Brokers don’t respect carriers because they just don’t understand them and some carriers despise brokers because some brokers collect large fees and pay them crap pay.

Brokers can’t predict market: Because brokers don’t have control over the market, there are times where your vehicle can be priced right but won’t move. There are simply no trucks in the area. There is nothing you can do. Firing that broker and hiring another wont make your life any better. You will just have to wait. I always propose a plan b with my clients. Because without it? You’re up a {insert s word here} creek without a paddle.

Auto Transport Brokers use a load board. Some may not publicly announce it but they use it. It’s apart of the broker business. To be successful, you need the load board. Its how we can reach thousands of carriers on crazy routes on crazy times of the day. There is no avoiding it. Even dealerships are on that load board. How do you think they find a truck to move that brand new Nissan Maxima you just purchased?

Brokers are licensed, bonded + insured but that has nothing to do with you. They are have to have a license to operate as a broker. They need a $75k bond + insurance on file in the event they choose to bail out on a carrier and not pay. Broker insurance + bond has nothing to do with your vehicle. That’s the carriers insurance responsibility and your personal insurance. So when moving a car, keep insurance on it just in case.

Brokers can not in good faith guarantee a specific pick up/ delivery date or time! This is self explanatory. Some will try to get over on you and say yes, we can get your car moved on Saturday, when really? They are secretly crossing their fingers behind their back like a 5 year old. So don’t fall for that one unless again, they are working with carriers directly. And that’s only a few brokers I know who do it.

These are just a few things on what you can expect when moving a car.

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