When you’re looking for advice on shipping a car, it’s only natural that you look for the things that you should do. We’ve all been guilty of that, even myself. Maybe not for car shipping but in general. For instance, when I’m looking to advance my business or industry knowledge, the first thing I Google is How To {blank}. You and I aren’t programmed to type, “How not to run a business” or “What not do when shipping a car” or “How not to buy the iPhone 6”. It’s how we’re wired.

But what I’ve realized over the past year or so is that you’ve been bombarded by auto transport brokers who shove what you should do down your throat like a pie eating contest, but when do we take the time out to warn you of the things you shouldn’t do.

Is it fear?

Is it because we want you to have a positive experience shipping a car?

Or is it because we know that you’re not actively searching for the “What not to do’s”?

Regardless of why we do what we do, the point here is, you need to know that there’s some stuff that’s expected out of you too.

It’s our job to make your process as smooth as a baby’s bum, but honestly, we cannot do our jobs if you don’t do your part. Insert hashtag “#unAdulteratedAdvice giver” here. 🙂

If you’ve frequented this blog long enough, you know I don’t sugar coat anything. Especially when it comes to shipping a car, learning how to ship cars for a living or when it comes to integrity. So this week, I’ve gone all out. No overexaggerating this time.

This weeks video is borderline a rant on the do’s and don’ts of one thing in particular. Hint: I’ve talked about it before but it seems no body got the message, so this time, it’s loud and clear.


When I speak about shipping a car, or auto transport broker training, I always speak from my heart, and today is no different. I had a very bad experience the other day and I decided to share it with you along with your lesson, so if you’re interested in hearing one of the biggest DON’TS when it comes to shipping a car, look no further.

This week on ReloGeekTV: Shipping a car? Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This.

Now it’s time to get your game face on. In the comments below, I want to know what you think about this video. More specifically, did you know about this and were you guilty of this before today?

As always, thanks for watching, commenting and for sharing.

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