VIDEO: How To Become A Successful Freight Broker Part 3

Hey You!

I’m back again for this weeks Chalk Talk. Secretly doing my happy dance, only I can’t dance.

Well any who, for the past two weeks, you and I’ve been chatting it up about How to Become A Successful Freight Broker or in our case, an auto transport broker.

There are so many factors that play into your success as an Auto Transport Broker.

After testing and retesting various strategies, and after spending over $21,578 to date on advertising, leads, ideas and systems, I’ve been able to narrow it down to three key elements of your business. I know you’re a smart cookie but I want to go back over them just to make sure you fully grasp the concept. Cool?

Okay so number one:

Managing Expectations

If you remember, the very first strategy I shared with you was managing expectations. Funny enough, this is something a lot of auto transport brokers struggle with. And if I am being 100% honest with you? I struggled with it in the beginning too. Listen, between you and I, if you can manage expectations, you’re going to be able to control your stress and anxiety levels, control your clients experience and you’re going to create trust. Because without trust? You’re a lost cause. Clients need to know, like and trust you to earn their business and in that order.

That takes us to number 2:

Educating Clients

The second key that I shared with you was all about educating your clients. It’s really a no brainer but for whatever reason, we’re so freaking programmed to believe that when clients are trying to ship a car, they want to be told only the sweet fluffy crap. But truth be told, clients don’t want no damn fluffy stuff. Even though I’m sure some clients would rather be laying on a floaty in an ice blue pool, while you do all the work, they still want to know what the potential outcomes are, what to expect and most importantly, they want to know how the process goes from start to finish. But without the fluff. So stop fluffing imaginary pillows for your clients and start educating them so they can lay in that beautiful ice blue pool while you worry about the car shipping deets.


The Final Piece of the Puzzle


So that brings us to number three. Before I share with you my final piece of the how to become a successful freight broker jigsaw puzzle, I want to preface with this; you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising or spends hundreds on promotional items- because truth of the matter? No one gives a damn about that stuff. No one wants your pen or your keychain.! And honestly now a days, no one really wants to be handed a business card. But what they do want is this final piece to your puzzle.

So without dragging on this conversation any longer than it needs to be, let’s get into it:

How to Become a Successful Auto Transport Broker Part 3:

That’s it for this weeks chalk talk.

It’s time to get your game face on.

In the comments below I want to know, how can you use this one tip to make changes in your business right away? If you haven’t started your business yet, how will you use this tip to elevate your brokerage?

As always, thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing!

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2 Responses

  1. I want to start my company asap .. what do I need to invest from the start .. how will I get loads and what kind of license do I need.. I want to open my business with in a month. I have worked in the freight logistics area before and its something my b husband and I want to do please fill me in on a step by step on what I will need . Thank you .

    1. Hey Maria! Opening your business within the month is doable considering you have all your legal stuff in order. The longest part of the process is getting approved by the FMCSA. That takes up to 3 weeks. Once you have your bond on file, and youve met the other requirements to get your Operating authority, your next step is to sign up for central dispatch and jtracker then purchase leads.

      I offer a training program that gives you step by step instructions on what to do. and best part, you can now get instant access to all the training materials. No need to wait 8 weeks.

      Hope that helps and congratulations on the decision to start your own brokering business.

      Always on your team,

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