VIDEO: Cheap Car Shipping

Before you get mesmerized by some of the cheaper quotes you’ll receive, I want you to take a look at what it means to really look for cheap car shipping options. So, why should you question cheap car shipping rates?

As you’ve probably already read, shipping your car is not a cheap process, it’s a rather expensive and extremely intimate process. It involves trusting a bunch of strangers + sending your prized possession across the country covering thousands of unsupervised miles. Shipping your car is not really the ideal scenario for digging into your little piggy bank. {well at least not my piggy bank}

So when you start shopping around for the best deal and receive a quote or two from companies that are offering you what I like to call “too good to be true rates”, you just might get star struck. But I know you’re smart and you would never expect anything of value from buying a pair of Stilettos or A 3 piece suit at the Dollar Store {they sell those there?}, so why would you then expect to strike gold from some cheap car shipping services?

If you forget everything else I’ve taught you, always remember that generally speaking, carrier fees are pretty much the same across the board- so it’s safe to ASSume that a much lower quote usually means very poor services right? Since your car is what’s at stake {and I’m sure its not exactly your cheapest possession}, very poor services can equate to financial tragedies.

It’s not a secret, both auto carriers and auto transport brokers are in this business to make money. Knowing that, you should always wonder why a person in a business to make money, would go out their merry way to practically give away their services for little to nothing?

Watch this video as I dig into the thought process and


what you really should be looking for when your mind tells you to look for cheap car shipping rates.

You may start thinking that finding a trustworthy car shipping broker may be nothing more than the luck of the draw. This is not necessarily true. Hopefully the information in this video can stop you from losing your sleep over the whole process and make you rethink the idea of cheap car shipping.

Quick question, what’s holding you back from choosing an auto transport company? Just leave the message in the comments below.

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