Are you considering open car transport as an option to ship a car?

Then you have come to the right place. Open car transport is not only the most popular car transport option, it’s also the most economical one. An example of open car transport is those 18 wheeler trucks you see going down the highway with like 7-9 cars on it. That’s open car transport. But when should you choose it?

Below you will find the 3 reasons why clients choose open car transport:

1. {budget}

When you are constrained by your budget, it is more logical that you consider open car transport.

2. {time}

If you are in a rush to ship a car, by choosing open car transport, you have a better chance of getting your car moved faster. This is because there are more open car transporters than enclosed auto transporters available.

3. {not picky}

If you do not care about your car being subject to the elements {rain, sleet, snow, hail, rocks and debris} then open car transport is definitely a way to save money and time.

*For all high priced luxury automobiles and classic cars, enclosed auto transport is the only recommended option.

If your vehicle fits in one of those categories or if open car shipping is just not the option for you, you may want to consider Enclosed Auto Transport.

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