If you own a classic, exotic or any other high priced/invaluable car, then it’s important that you choose enclosed auto transport. Even if you don’t fit into any of those categories, and you are simply a car enthusiast, who wants the ultimate protection for your vehicle, then you have come to the right place.

Enclosed auto transport also known as covered auto transport is a trailer that is completely closed. Similar to those 18 wheeler moving trucks, only these trucks haul cars inside.

Below you will find the 3 reasons why clients choose enclosed auto transport:

1. {budget isn’t your primary concern}

When you are not constrained by your budget, and you want the safest form of car shipping available, it is more logical that you consider enclosed car shipping.

2. {time is on your side}

When you are NOT in a rush to ship your vehicle, you can effortlessly choose enclosed car shipping. Because there are not as many carriers who offer enclosed auto transport services, it can take a little longer to get your vehicle picked up by an enclosed car carrier.

3. {ultimate protection is your biggest concern}

If you have a classic, rare, exotic, high value or a motorcycle, then enclosed car shipping is definitely a way to go. Because your vehicle will be completely covered, you get the ultimate protection.

*If you are budget conscious or time crunched, then you landed on the wrong page. But don’t worry, I have an article that’ll help you Understand Open Car Transport.

UPDATE: Okay so here’s a video of a $3milliom Bugatti Veyron being off loaded from an enclosed auto transport trailer. Obviously not all enclosed vehicles will get this kind of “attention”, but this is so you can get an understanding of what an enclosed auto transport trailer look like:

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