VIDEO: Understanding Auto Transport Rates

Have you requested auto transport rates but don’t know what the heck you’re looking at?

There’s this carrier fee, deposit fee, service fee, expedited fees, the list goes on- Fee, fee, fees! If you do not understand how the pricing structure works, you can easily be caught off guard.

You can find yourself thinking something’s covered in your car shipping quote that’s actually not.

If you are confused or if you simply want to better your understanding of these fees, this week’s HumpDay Q&A is totally for you. So take a look at this video as


I share with you how the auto transport pricing works and how to read your auto transport quotes.

Check it out: Understanding Auto Transport Rates

You’ve heard my take, now I would love to hear from you.

Have you ever had to relocate your vehicle and found yourself caught off guard because you didn’t understand the pricing system? Was this video helpful?

Thank you for reading, watching and sharing.

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  1. Understanding any fees is very important. Asking question regarding fees is absolutely necessary to every customer or client. This article and video state the essential information about auto transport pricing. Good job! Thanks for sharing!

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