Hey ReloFans! Welcome to another edition of the ReloGeek Insider. Today, I want to pose a question to you, “Do you believe you should or should not Trust Auto Transport Brokers?”

Keep that question in mind because I received an email the other day from a mystery guy who had a lot of negative things to say about auto transport brokers and auto transport companies. A lot of what he had to say was simply his opinion which I respect, but one thing he said stood out like a sore thumb-

“…My experience with auto transport brokers is that they will promise you whatever you want to hear and deliver very little.”

Are you shocked?



I am not shocked at all. I hear that more often than you think during my one on one consultation with potential clients. So much so, I decided to talk about it because what he’s saying kinda reminds me of a one night stand. I know you are thinking, “Ashley what the heck. You’re reaching here.” Well, find out in this weeks video how I can not only make the bold claim that-

“Trusting Auto Transport Brokers is Like a One Night Stand”

But also, how you can avoid getting taken advantage of using one simple tip.

So, You meet that nice guy and damn is he Channing Tatum sexy. I’m talking beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile- the works. He smiles at you from across the bar and starts walking your way. You pick up your drink, shy and pretending to sip it- he approaches you and says in the sexiest voice, “Hi, is someone sitting here?”

You know if you think about it too much, you will turn bright red and look like a complete idiot so you muster up some balls and you say, “no.”.

He sits down and you guys get to talking for what seems like forever. He says everything you want to hear. {In the case of an auto transport broker, you visit their website, and it looks professional, it says everything you wanted to hear} and by the end of the night, you have given him your number. {Again, in this case, you take the leap of faith and you fill out their auto transport quote form.}

So you’ve exchanged numbers and it’s time to say good night. He says he would love to continue the conversations at his place. You’ve had a few drinks already and remember he’s friggin drop dead gorgeous, so you say sure why not. You go to his place, he starts talking to you and ya’ll have a great night {wink, wink!}! {In the case of the auto transport broker, you get an email right away with your quote information and then you get a call from them. Again, they whisper sweet nothings in your ear, telling you how much they can do for you, how they differ. Everything is so perfect, you immediately give them your credit card information and sign their contract. You’ve officially got in bed with them}

Fast forward a few days. You guys made plans to go on a date so you call to make sure he’s still available. No answer. You leave a voicemail asking him to call you back when he gets a chance.

You’re patient so you wait- and wait- and wait. No call. So you send a text.

“Hey is Mary from the other night. I want to make sure everything is still in line for our date. Talk to you soon.”

{In the case of shipping your car, you call the auto transport broker and no answer. You leave a message and wait for a call back. Nothing. Then you email them.}

So its date night and still no response. You have tried calling, texting- left messages, I’m talking borderline desperato. And still no response! {just like your hot guy you had sex with the other night, your auto transport broker has officially disappeared. And the killer part? You’re locked into a contract. Now you’re regretting giving it up so easy on the first date. How did you become so freaking gullible?}

Now you are beating yourself up over the head about what has happened. It was an honest mistake- one that will cost you, be it costing you your self-esteem or your money.

So back to the statement that our mystery writer made,

“My experience with auto transport brokers is that they will promise you whatever you want to hear and deliver very little.”

Sorry to break it to you, but he’s got a point.

As an auto transport broker myself, I find it very concerning and heart breaking but it has validity. The truth is, there are auto transport brokers out there that will promise you the world and when it’s time for you to collect on it, they either do not answer their phone or when they do, you hear “My hands are tied.”

This is what pisses me off. Just like when a girl ends up with a douche bag and after having sex with her, he disappears. Unfortunately, this is just how some people choose to do business. There’s only one simple way to avoid getting taken advantage of:

Make sure the auto transport broker that you are contracting to ship your car is willing to put every guarantee in writing with the condition that if they do not meet those guarantees, you are free to cancel without any fees or penalties and that this contract supersedes any other written or oral agreements. 

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer so please do not take this information as legal advice. I am simply trying to help you ween out the auto transport brokers that want to promise stuff that they will not carry through. 

The reason for asking an auto transport broker to put it in writing is not necessarily to get them to put it in writing but to see if they are actually willing to do it. As a broker, I do not promise anything that I have any doubt I will be able to see through. A lot of clients have chosen not to book with me because of this, but I prefer it that way. The last thing I want to do is be like that jerk that gets in bed with you and then never ever calls you back because he just wanted your panties.

But don’t take my word for it, read what a client had to say about it:

 “…Ashley was also extremely transparent about her process, and what she can/can’t guarantee. Unlike other brokers, she laid out the process for me and explained how things would play out…” {read more here}

So, the moral of the story, is, if a broker promises you something and you want to know if they can really deliver, just ask them to put it in writing.

So back to my earlier question.

Do you think you should or should not trust auto transport brokers?

Have you had positive or negative experiences with auto transport companies that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for watching the ReloGeek Insider and if you like this video, please share!

See you next time.

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