The Why Behind Car Transport Horror Stories | Video

Who’s scarier; Freddie, Jason or Car Transport?

There’s no doubt that everywhere you look, you can read a horror story about car transport. Will you be next? Will you write your own horror story?

Thinking about it is actually quite depressing isn’t it? The idea that you could very well be the next victim of car shipping industry.

What’s more depressing?

No one is talking about The Why Behind Car Transport Horror Stories.

The why is what will save you from that very fate.

The why is what will change the industry for the better.

The why is what will keep the great auto transport brokers like myself ALIVE and SUCCESSFUL even in the face of the Freddie’s and Jason’s of car shipping.

Let me ask you;

If you were given a choice between paying $700 for an auto transport service and paying $1200 for a similar service, which would you choose?

It’s safe to say most people would choose the $700 auto transport service. Why? Because there is nothing that is separating the company who’s charging you $700 to ship a car versus the company who’s charging $1200.

This is what happens every day. Most clients will fill out a few quotes from various auto transport companies looking for the company with the best offer and the best bang for your buck.

In the process, you’ll find that a lot of companies will tell you about why they are better than others. You’ll hear everything from “we use preferred carriers” to “we have guarantee the cheapest rate” and all things in between.

The problem with this? Most of the things you will hear won’t stand out enough to make you choose one or the other, so you’ll automatically shop on price alone.

In the beginning, I was one of the auto transport brokers who’d tell you my rates are higher because quality of service but more importantly because top rated carriers take on the highest paying vehicles first.

Although that was and still is 100% accurate, I realized one thing. Some clients didn’t really care about those things. Don’t misinterpret that for failure. I was still able to pull in the clients that did value the things I offered.

Here’s the problem.


It’s no secret, you’ve read the horror stories. You’ve heard about drivers hijacking cars, damages occurring and no one answering the phone, or even the stories about paying one thing but later having to pay hundreds more.

But did you ever ask yourself why this happens?

What exactly is the why behind car transport horror stories?

Probably not. All you know is that you don’t want any of these bad things to happen to you.

And if you are part of the small group of people who actually asks why does this happen, you probably will find answers that are quite elusive. Anyone can tell you well, you get what you pay for, or the carrier just screwed up, or the broker was a piece of work. But where does that leave you?

The better question is,

How can you PREVENT this from happening to you?

So after a decade in the transportation logistics and auto transport industry combined, I’ve finally realized that most people like you don’t know the “secret” to why car transport horror stories happen in the first place and how you can prevent them from happening to you.

That is precisely what I cover in this week’s episode of ReloGeek TV.

The why behind car transport horror stories.

Watch it now:



I hope you found this video helpful. If you didn’t? Watch it again and then share it.

And if you did? Well you’re freaking awesome. Still share it.

The only way to stop people from writing their own car transport horror stories is to educate them. So I will ask again, will you share this video please?

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