The Number 1 Question You Should Ask a Car Shipping Company.

Have you ever wondered why a car shipping company is so expensive? Are you looking for the cheapest auto transport? Have you ever wondered to yourself “what is the cheapest way to transport a car?”

I not only look up to 5-star hotels, high end day spas and luxury real estate agents, but my commitment to providing the best military car shipping service is modeled after them. I try to make each one of my clients feel well pampered + taken care of, I make myself completely accessible to you and I try to educate you so you will know what to expect.

I have one great, all-inclusive goal, to make your car shipping experience unlike any other in the industry, from my crazy emails to my over the top energetic + overly hyped phone calls. I do not try to be anyone else but myself and I give you 110% of me. { aren’t you lucky? }

In your mind you’re probably wondering why an auto transport broker would look to a hotel, a day spa or a real estate agent as inspiration or a source for a business model when they are in very separate industries? My answer is simple:


  • An all-inclusive 5 star hotel is far from the cheapest around but you can bet your last dollar that when you go there, you feel safe, you feel catered, and best of all its all inclusive so you never worry about hidden fees. When you choose me for your military car shipping needs, everything I do and every little charge is laid out in bold black and white headlines. No need to read between the lines or fret over the fine print. I price to get your car shipped. Simple mathematics if I may say so myself.
  • A high end day spa provides you with a pampered and refreshed feeling. When you leave there, you feel beautiful, energized and most importantly stress-free. Again, when I handle your car shipping, my goal is to eliminate some of your stresses about moving a car. I don’t want you to worry, that’s my job. I’m supposed to lose sleep at night when it’s the day before your pick up date and a carrier hasn’t yet contacted me about moving your car. That’s not your job to worry. Ideally with competitive pricing, the goal is to not have you in the situation, but sometimes price isn’t everything. It’s not what happens that is the issue, it’s all about getting it fixed- while being upfront about everything! Aka keeping it REAL.
  • A luxury real estate agent is not going to find you a piece of crap home. They will go above and beyond to ensure every little detail and request you have made is answered. This is what my job is all about. Making sure that when you have important requests, I meet them. If I feel I can’t, I will not take you on as a client.

Sometimes when I quote a price, I get asked, “Why are your car shipping rates so expensive? Other auto transport companies have quoted me significantly lower.”

As much as I the little devil person on one side is screaming,”Like seriously, do you want to have your car sitting for weeks or are you trying to get it moved?” Instead, I politely pose a simple question,

“Why trust your 1st or 2nd most valuable possession in the hands of an auto transport company who’s giving you a too good to be true car shipping rate?”

If its too good to be true, it’s probably not true!

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Has a lightbulb gone off in your head yet?

Am I right or am I right? Just take a minute and really think about the logics of that…

Okay. Now that we are on the same page, { if not, please quietly go back + read it again } i want you to know that your car shipping quotes are calculated using these very important factors;

  • distance
  • accessibility
  • flexibility

When an auto transport company is willing to cut corners to just to get your business, it’s likely you will end up a paying a boat load more, one way or another. There’s a big difference between trying to save you money while pricing reasonably in the market and trying to plain outright low ball you. Yes it does happen!

Okay so I talk all this junk but how does that help you?

Its simple really. I have created a system that allows me to charge what the car shipping drivers are worth while working to try my best to save you money in the process. { I would be honored to explain how I go about getting you a good deal- all you need to do is just request a quote or a “date” + I will explain everything to you}

When auto transport drivers are paid good, there’s a faster turnaround, better customer service and the drivers are more willing to take pride in your car as they would their own. This is simple mathematics. {I know I completely over use that phrase}. That is what I expect from the drivers I choose to work with and I am willing to compensate them accordingly to get them to do what you deserve! { which is why my clients continue to hire me to move a car + why the drivers continue to love working for me. }

So before you ask why I am so darn expensive, ask the other guys why are your car shipping rates so cheap?

Have you ever felt like you chose an auto transport company because they were the cheapest and have lived to regret it? Or vice versa, you chose a company because they were the most expensive? What did you value most that made you pick one company over the other? Have an experience or tips to share? Please join in on our Colorful Conversations below:

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  3. When researching shipping or transport companies, make sure they are licensed. Read customer reviews for favourable shipping experiences or negative comments.

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