Starting an auto transport broker business Q+A Video

Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars! When it comes to starting an auto transport broker business, there will tons of unanswered questions floating around in your mind. Before I started my auto transport broker business, I sat down with a journal (really it was a marble notebook or composition notebook to some) and I wrote down all the questions I had about the business.

I would then go online and try to google the answers. Sometimes with success, other times I failed miserably. Why? Because there weren’t many brokers or past brokers willing to give out information about starting an auto transport business.


It was like auto transport brokering was part of a secret world that you weren’t welcomed in.


Well you were welcome but it was more like, “you’re on your own buster.”

As you may know by now, I was forced to learn a lot through trial and error. This meant that I made mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes.

But you are fortunate because there are tons of free content on the web (most by me) about starting an auto transport broker business. This means you don’t have to go in blind.

So in today’s video, we are covering some frequently asked questions about starting an auto transport broker business.

The topics that are covered in this video includes:

1 | How to get ready for calling auto transport leads
2 | Winning over customers
3 | 800 vs Local Phone Numbers
4 | Should you specialize in your auto transport broker business

So without further ado, let’s get into it:


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