Shipping a car across country with stuff in it?

One of the biggest questions 98% of clients have when shipping a car across country, is “Can you have things in your car when you ship it?”

I have to tell you—this remind me so much of a client I worked with about a year ago who was moving for a corporate relocation and was looking into shipping a car across country. She had a few items she wanted to pack in the car but kept hearing different things from different companies and she felt like she couldn’t get the right answer.

Knowing a lot of the other things she’d been told by most auto shipping companies was false, she asked me, “Ashley, I heard that shipping my car with stuff in it is allowed. Is that true?”

See, one of the things I loved most about her was the inquisitive and upfront side of her—she had gone through so much time and effort to actually write down all her questions, concerns and doubts and wasn’t afraid to ask. I always say, this is probably the first and last time you’ll ever be making such a gigantic move and most people will only need to ship a car across country once in their life. The more you tell me, ask me or share with me, the more I can help make this move seamless.

What I quickly discovered was that deep down inside, she was clueless and confused about the process and at this point if she can actually pack her car with her personal belongings. Why?

There was so many mixed answers out there. Some companies said yes you can, one said no you can’t, however most companies went as far as to say you can put stuff in it as long as it doesn’t exceed 100lbs.

Her and I talked out the details of her move and we covered all her questions to a science even though I suck at science.

Here’s the thing, this is the kind of stuff that makes you wonder if you’re crazy or if these car shipping companies are simply clueless. You ever feel that way? Like you can’t tell which end is up?


That’s exactly how this client felt. Ultimately we ended up working together, and it turned out to be an amazing experience for her. Though it does make me laugh, because at first, she was pretty hesitant about working with an auto transport broker.

We get a bad rap, you know? 😉 —but after hearing the truth behind the industry and in her words, “I felt like you were my friend”, she was MORE than happy she chose to work with one.

She was able to find out the right answer to her burning question and I can only assume that you’re dying to know the answer to her question:

Can you have things in your car when you ship it?

And I won’t hold you in suspense any longer.

Check out this week’s edition of ReloGeekTV as we dive head first into the truth behind shipping a car across country with stuff in it.

Show Notes:

“Operating under the Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration approves the licensing of motor carriers to transport motorized vehicles as general freight in interstate commerce.

Only licensed household goods and personal property motor carriers are allowed under DOT regulations to transport motor vehicles loaded with ‘stuff’.

If a auto or rail transporter is found to be transporting cars, trucks, trailers, boats, SUVs or ATVs loaded with stuff they could incur a large monetary fine and/or lose their federal operating authority. In addition, both your vehicle and your things could be impounded.”

So can you pack items in your car when you ship it? No. However, I’m going to tell you the same thing I explain to all my clients.

Ultimately, it’s up to the auto carrier to say yes or no to if and how much stuff you can pack in your car.

It’s time to get your game face on.

In the comments below, I want to hear your thoughts. Did you know that shipping a car across country with stuff in it is technically ILLEGAL? Share your experience below.

As always thanks for watching, commenting and sharing.


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