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Senior Moving Tips For Shipping A Vehicle. Are you a snowbird?

A Snowbird is anyone who moves north for the winter and returns south for spring. Typically, a snowbird is either a senior moving or someone who has been fortunate enough to retire early. {I don’t fit that bill.}

The auto transport business gets extremely busing during the spring and fall seasons. This changes auto transport rates and it makes it much more harder for you to move your car. It becomes extremely competitive and even more important as a car delivery company to price right!

There are many misconceptions floating around about what to expect if you are a senior moving or a snowbird. It really pisses me of because all brokers have to do is be honest and educate you. It’s simple really. An educated client is a happy client!

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Okay, so I have taken the liberty to list 3 Tips on moving from state to state during these times and when to move your car so that you aren’t left in the dust!

Senior Moving & Snowbird Relocation Tip #1: Ensuring a space on a carrier is not about booking further in advance. You can book weeks in advance and still not get a space {assuming you are dealing with a broker}. It’s about what I like to call P.O.D.S – The right Price, the right Origin, the right Destination and the right amount of Space on the carrier at the time. PODS combined with a large enough pickup window will give you the best chances of getting your car shipped.

Spotlight: During the regular time of the year, 3-5 days is perfect. I’d give your broker at least a 4-7 day window! {If your broker is working directly with carriers then you will need to give your broker at least 1-2 weeks notice. But not all brokers do this so just ask, “Do you work with the carriers directly or do you use Central Dispatch?”}


Senior Moving & Snowbird Relocation Tip #2: If you are moving northbound in the fall or southbound in the spring, you can usually get your vehicle moved quickly and more affordable than those traveling with the pack.

Spotlight: Self explanatory. Travel opposite the herd + you’ll save money. If everyone is going north and you’re moving south, you’ll pay less and vice versa.


Senior Moving & Snowbird Relocation Tip #3: This tip has two key parts that go hand in hand. As the theme song to Married with Children goes, “…you can’t have one without the other.” 1-Always look for a car delivery company that will offer you some sort of guarantee. Too many times cars will be left sitting for weeks because there was a part or two that didn’t match up in the PODS system. Don’t let that be you. 2- Never base your choice of a car delivery company on special discounts or the cheapest. One way or another, you will pay.

Spotlight: just hire me and you’ll be on your way to a happy, stress free auto transport experience. It all begins with a quote request.

Now you are armed with a few quick tips, you are ready to request an auto transport quote for your senior moving or snowbird relocation. Follow these 3 little tips and you’ll thank me later!

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