Before I decide to start any business I always consider how much it’s going to take for me to make it happen. My auto transport broker business was no different.

I knew for at least 4 years before jumping into anything, that I would want to eventually get into the auto transport broker business. I knew that if I wanted to set myself up for the best chance to succeed? I would need to save as much money as I can so money wouldn’t become a barrier for making my goal a reality.

For many entrepreneurs, more specifically, car haulers, brokers and auto transport startups, money becomes as some point or another, a limiting factor. Something that can hinder you from being successful.

What I have learned throughout the years is that sometimes, it’s not so much how much money you have but more how you spend what you do have.

So whether you are growing a business from 5 figures to 6, whether you’re starting from scratch and looking to get a piece of the auto transport pie, or you’re looking to build an empire in this industry, you can’t do it without some form of financial planning.

In spirit of the New Year, I decided that talking about money and financial planning is important now more than ever. After a month long hiatus, what better way to kick it all off than this topic?

So in this video,  I talk about how I saved over $100k and what you should be doing to reach your financial goals and finally start your car hauling business, your auto transport broker business or your dream auto transport startup.


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