Do you have big dreams of starting an auto transport business with a fancy office in a high rise building on the penthouse floor with a big shiny chrome sign that reads, “Insert Your Company Name”?

You’ll probably have 157 employees working for you, you have a designated parking spot that says, “CEO Parking, All Others Will Be Towed” or maybe you’re so big, it actually reads your name. Not judging.

We all have those dreams so you’re not alone.


Let’s face it, those are just that, dreams. At least for now.

The truth is, unless you somehow inherited millions of dollars which in that case, you’re more than welcome to adopt me, when you’re starting out, you’re going to be running an auto transport broker business from home. Nothing fancy, just a corner or room in your house designated for your business.

And thats perfectly normal. Although most people don’t realize it.

Do you know how many times I have had my ReloAcademy students and my ReloGeek fans ask me how do you start a business when you can’t afford an office space?

Or what happens if the client finds out I work from home, will they not trust me?

Or how do I actually run an auto transport broker business from home without getting “found out”?

you are asking these questions and can’t seem to find the answer to your questions this week’s episode of ReloGeek TV is for you.

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