VIDEO: Moving Tips: How To Move Out Of Your Parents House in 3 Super Simple Steps

Hey ReloGeeks! Thanks for joining me for another HumpDay Q&A. Today’s topic is all about moving out and helping you get on the right track to a more liberating and exciting move.

Let me ask you, do you have BIG plans on moving but do not know where to start?

Do you want to know how to move out of your parents house?

Are you tired of living with your parents and are constantly thinking “can someone please just Help Me Move Out?” but you keep hearing things like, “you aren’t responsible enough to move out”, or “it’s hard living on your own”? Now, you’re scared. You don’t know if you are ready to move out. Even if you are, your mind is being programmed to think you will fail miserably or the whole moving process will be a bust!

Let me assure you, you’re not alone. If you are desperately needing help moving out from parents house, this post is definitely for you.

There’s going to be a point in your life where you face the inevitable decision on whether you should move out your parents house.

For some of us, that time is when you’re leaving for college, others it’s when you’ve graduated college and have found a job in a new city. We all have different reasons and milestones in our lives that warrant the sensation to move out and move on. The common factor in it all is fear, fear of the unknown.

If you’ve never lived alone, with bills to pay, house to clean, laundry to wash and food to cook- then you’re in for an adventure.


I’m not saying that moving out and living on your own is all peaches and cream but with a few simple tips, you can enjoy the transition a lot more. Watch this weeks video to find out my three top tips for making moving out less painful and a lot more exciting.

Now for the video recap:

How To Move Out of Your Parents House Moving Tip #1: It’s NOT a race!

Only move out when you’re ready. Remember, it’s not a race to the finish line. Moving out before you’re ready will only cause more headaches than necessary. You won’t be ready for what’s ahead and you are more likely to find yourself moving right back home again. Counterproductive if I may say so myself.

How To Move Out of Your Parents House Moving Tip #2:Be prepared!

Getting to the point of Independent Living is all about saving, saving, saving. You should save at least your first and last month rent {you’ll need this for your security deposit anyways}, enough to cover your rent for at least three months plus utilities {so if your rent is $800 a month, you’ll want at least $2,400 plus about $2-300 extra per month saved for a total of $3,300}, and last but not least, put aside at least emergency money just in case something happens {this could be anywhere from $500 plus}. So that’s about $5,500 saved before you make the conscious decision to move out.

How To Move Out of Your Parents House Moving Tip #3:Think positive.

I am a strong believer in positive thinking. If you think about your future in a positive light, you have no choice but to manifest all that positive thinking into action. It’s such a simple but underrated step. Think about the last time you really, really wanted something and you said to yourself, “one day I’m going to get those shoes.” And before you knew it, you had those gorgeous $1250 Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos you eyed at Barney’s.

These are just my three quick and simple tips that will help get you on your way to independent living. Life is a journey, an adventure if you must. You have one life, you should always dream and dream BIG!

Now it’s your turn, have you ever wanted to move out your house but were simply afraid of what will happen? Share your comments and stories below. Caio!

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