VIDEO: Moving Scams From Car Shipping Quotes | 4 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

Hey ReloFans! Happy New Year + Welcome to another edition of the ReloGeek Insider Q&A. I hope you all have had a very wonderful Holiday. I have been MIA for the past two weeks but it was all in good faith.

I took the time to get my business prepared for 2014, spend time with my beautiful now 1 year old daughter and finalize all the clients I’ve had in 2013.

I am officially back and very excited about what 2014 has to offer and I hope you are too. I had a really cool review planned for you guys today but, yesterday, I received a call from a {now} client who was pretty upset and distraught about her experience with another car shipping company and was looking for suggestions and car shipping help.

I talk to potential clients everyday, sometimes I spend hours just giving advice to people who call me about shipping a car asking different questions like how to ship a car or how to find a reputable company and what to expect. Yesterday’s call was different and this particular clients story touched a nerve- so much I just had to talk about it.

Would you think you could be a victim of Moving Scams just by innocently requesting car shipping quotes?

Okay so a little back story, but for privacy reasons, I won’t disclose her name, we’ll refer to her as Jamie. Jamie, a recent grad was excited about her move to another state. As you know, in this economy, finding a job you can be enthusiastic about directly out of college is a task within itself. For Jamie, luck was on her side because she had just got a job she actually wanted and she couldn’t wait to move so she can get started. She began her search for car shipping companies online when she found company ABC. {Again, do not want to bash any particular company so I’m using fake names.} This was Jamie’s first time trying to ship a car, and as a recent graduate with not a lot of money or experience with shipping a car, as you can imagine, this was an extremely stressful and frightening experience.

All Jamie wanted was to try to avoid fraudulent companies and moving scams, so she did what she would describe as her due diligence by calling different car shipping companies. She tried to gather as much information as she could while simultaneously finding the best price to ship her car. Again, she was on a very tight budget.

After receiving numerous car shipping quotes around the same price, she


thought the quote from ABC was a relatively reasonable price, not to mention, her broker at ABC made a very good sell. After telling her rep she was not ready to make any final decisions on which car shipping company she would hire and being reassured that she would not be charged until she made her final decision, Jamie felt very optimistic and relieved.

Obviously from the title of this post, you can assume that things actually took a turn for the ugly and you would be correct in your assumptions. Jamie’s car shipping experience went from optimistic to devastating and simply revolting! Watch this weeks video to find out what happened to Jamie, why I am still shooting fire like a dragon about this situation {Jamie wasn’t the first victim} and how you too can avoid the same moving scams with car shipping companies Jamie faced.

Now let me hear from you. Have you ever been a victim of moving scams by a car shipping company or any moving company? How did you handle it? I would love to hear from you so leave your comments below.

Thanks for watching and if you know anyone that can find this weeks video useful, please share. By sharing, you can help other movers avoid similar moving scams.

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