VIDEO: Moving Advice + Free Moving Checklist + Planner

Moving can be stressful and down right gruesome. Yes, I said it! I can sit here behind my computer screen and tell you that no one in this world thinks moving is hard, that moving is the easiest thing to do and that you are the problem. But that would be an outright lie! 

For some people moving is hard not so much because of the process, but emotionally. We are creatures of habit, we get used to the way things are, we get set in our ways and sometimes we can be a bit clingy. {Just ask my hubby} So no! Moving is not always going to be easy.

What if I told you there is a way to make it easier? Would you believe me?

I believe in processes. No, it’s not some techy word to describe computer systems, or coding or anything of that nature. So before you run off this page and leave me looking silly, you can rest assured that the process I am referencing- is as simple as the word itself.

If you have a “process” in place, you can make any aspect of your life easier and moving is not excluded from that list. Remember, we are creatures of habit right? Well I will share my process with you, only if you’re willing to learn.

In this video I will talk about one of the most overlooked things in moving that can save you a big headache in the end and the best part, I will be giving away a free


interactive moving checklist and planner. So you don’t want to miss this weeks video.

If you have the right steps, the right plan in place and a killer moving checklist, you are on your way to moving freedom. Download your free interactive moving checklist here.

Quick question, do you have a crazy moving experience that you’d like to share? Just leave the message in the comments below.

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