Join Me Today In Celebration of Life… A Daughter’s Tribute To Her Father…

When you watch this video, you’ll probably wonder why it starts with image of a man and HIS daughter that looks as old as time instead of learning about shipping a car. Or you might wonder why the screen is black. Make no mistake, I unintentionally blacked out the screen because I want you to not just see me talking but rather hear Feel the words as they flow effortlessly out my mouth. That is if you want to…

So, with that, I have a confession:



Two years have passed since I lost my dad to cancer and they say this is supposed to get easier in time but right now I feel like its only getting harder. I want to sit around crying but I dont want anyone to see my hurt. I dreamt about him last night. He was smiling and hppy because he finally met his granddaughter. Life was exactly how it should be but then I woke up and it hit me, that it was all just a dream. But life doesnt have to be about grief. Theres so much to be happy about and give thanks for. So this year, I want to fight the feeling of grief- instead, I want to celebrate life- but honestly I cant do it alone. Forget about work, for get about bills, forget about all the things you dont have and start celebrating what you do have. So I ask that you join me in celebration of not only his life but life in general. Lets start with a moment of silence and lets reflect on life….

…thank you guys for your continued support throughout my journey of growing a successful business. And moreso thank you for joining me in celebration of life.

Now its your turn, in the comments below, tell me ONE thing that you’re grateful for. See you next week

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