How To Ship A Car To or From Florida- Florida Auto Transport

Are you in the process of moving to or from Florida and are looking for Florida Auto Transport Companies? Are you a complete newbie when it comes to trying to ship a car? Well, you have landed on the right page because I am here to teach you about how to ship a car to or from Florida.

Customer Service is King.

The first thing you need to know about finding Florida Auto Transport Services is the importance of not only finding a reputable and reliable auto transport company, but one that has a track record for excellent customer service. Whenever I am personally looking for a company to do business with, I want to know that the company will be there when I need them the most, not just to get my business. When it comes to trying to ship a car, it’s no different. Of course you want a reliable and reputable company, but if that company sees you as just a number, then you’ll be lost in the chain of command and trust me that’s no fun.

Specializing is better.

You also want to find an auto transport company that specializes in Florida auto transport services. Think of it as seeing a doctor. Let’s say you {or your spouse} is pregnant and have been categorized as a high risk pregnancy, do you want to go to the doctor that specializes in everything under the sun to deliver your baby or would you want to go to a OBGYN that specializes in birth for high risk pregnancies? Your car is no different, it’s your baby too. You want to know that the person who is responsible for finding a reputable auto transport carrier, will know the route, be able to give you a realistic time frame, and be there to answer any and all questions you may have about your car’s journey.

I started out about 8 years ago as an enclosed auto transport driver hauling high-end and exotic automobiles. At one point I was responsible for the safe shipment of my clients cars to and from Florida. That was my specialty and clients came to me for that specifically.

Meet Your Expectations or Go Home.

The next thing you want to look for is a company that fit your needs and will ultimately meet your expectations. If you have watched any of the ReloGeek Insider Episodes, you will know there’s a few things I am always talking about when it comes to finding the perfect car shipping company. You want to never choose a company to ship your baby based on price alone. Cheap car shipping is a no-no. What you DO want to do is find someone who is willing to offer everything you need. For example, if you want expedited auto transport services, and that’s the most important factor in shipping a car, then find a company that specializes in that. If you want a company that offers guarantees, then again, find one who will make all the guarantees you want.

Aside from those car shipping tips, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for Florida auto transport services; only do business with companies who will put your vehicle on an insured auto transport truck and make sure that whoever you choose is an actual licensed auto transport broker and not a freight-forwarder. A freight forwarder are people who get your vehicle and pass it off to another company who will then forward it to a carrier. See how complicated that sounds?
When moving to or from Florida, finding Florida Auto transport companies that specialize in your route is the best way to ship a car. But even brokers that are great at what they do can be the perfect solution for you. Key here is finding a company that sits well with you and that are legal to do business.

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