How To Move A Car- My Top 3 Tips

How to move a car? What to expect when moving a car?

These are the questions that goes through your mind when you have a vehicle that you need to move. More so, these are the questions that you want to ask but most of you don’t! Why?


Well okay maybe not necessarily the fear you may be thinking about, but how many times do you think to yourself that when this company calls, I’m going to find out X,Y,Z? By the time you’re on the phone with this company, they start yapping about this feature, that feature, why they are different and why you should book them. Then, they ask for your card information.

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You feel pressured so you do what anyone of us would, you give up your bloody card info, they email or fax you the contract and you sign. Now you are stuck. I say it again, YOU ARE STUCK!

Once you signed that contract, you are more than likely locked into a 10-14 day agreement. {I will explain that in another post}

So back to your question… What question? You probably have a lost look on your face right now. Remember you had X,Y,Z you wanted to ask that company? Yeah, that. Well you never got to ask.

So you call up the company to ask those very important questions. You know, how to move a car? What to expect when moving a car? No answer. You leave a message. No call back. 13 days after your car was supposed to move, you finally get in contact with the company and the next day, your vehicle is moved.

Two Weeks Later!!!

So now you have a completely negative view on brokers, the auto transport industry and you still have unanswered questions, “how to move a car?” + “what to expect when moving a car?”- but at this point your car arrived safely and you’re just happy you got it. You don’t have any plans to ever ship again so you move on with your life. You’re now armed with HOW NOT TO MOVE YOUR CAR + WHAT NOT TO EXPECT WHEN MOVING YOUR CAR!

So for those of you who have come here looking for answers, I don’t want to neglect you so here it is:

How to Move a Car:

1- Finalize all your paperwork first!

If you are purchasing a car out of state, you will want to make sure you actually own the vehicle BEFORE securing a car shipping company. It’s okay to get quotes so you know how much to pay, but don’t secure anything with a transporter until you have finalized all paperwork! { unless they have a flexible cancellation policy }

2- NEVER ever choose based on price!

If you don’t listen to anything I say, please listen to this! I get it, the economy is sh*t, but if you choose based on price alone, you can end up paying more in the end. Auto transporter will choose the cars paying the most first. Too low of a price and your car will be sitting for weeks.

3- Find a company that sits well with you.

As cliche as this sounds, it’s true. You need to go with your gut here. Find a company that is upfront and honest about the process. Choose a car shipping company that is not only willing to listen to your questions + concerns, but one that will actually ask you your questions + concerns.

Those are my Three Tips to how to move a car.

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