How I Lost 108 Car Shipping Clients From This One Thing

If there is one thing I’ve learned about building a car shipping business the hard way? There is more than one piece to the puzzle.

What do I mean by this?

One day I was fed up with the way my business was running. It didn’t feel like it represented who I was. I lost focus, I didn’t have the same enthusiasm I once had and I was outright miserable.

Then it hit me and I started changing shit.

What happened next was crazy.

I lost 108 new car shipping clients from this one thing. That’s when I knew I was really fudging things up.

But what happened?

Well it all started with me being miserable in my business. After talking to coach after coach trying to figure out what happened, I finally realized that I wasn’t in love with my business because deep down inside, I felt like a fraud. I was using “we” when there was only me. I felt the need to sound super professional and I just dreaded talking to clients. So the first step to changing all this was my name change. I invested in a name coach- someone who I hired to help me come up with a name for my business. During this process, I went from a typical auto transport brokerage name that left me feeling stodgy and unfulfilled to ReloGeek, a name I created during our time together. She immediately loved the name and said, “Ashley, that is you.”

In ReloAcademy, I talk about the importance of choosing a name that represents you. Something that will make you stand out in an overcrowded industry. Unlike me who started under one name and later changed it, I know how costly it can be. So don’t make that mistake. Make sure you choose the right name first so you don’t have to change it later.

With the name change, came new branding and a new logo. For the record, it;s one of my favorite parts of building a new business.

When I came up with the name ReloGeek, I knew that I wanted to really stand out. After all, how I ran my business was totally different from how most brokers operated. So if I wanted to carry that over to my new brand, I had to make it stand out too. During this time, my friends aunt was battling breast cancer and to show my support for her, I decided to go with a magenta branding, a toned down take on the hot pink color for the fight on breast cancer.

I created a beautiful and fun website and I loved it.

But that’s as far as it went.

Unfortunately, my clients didn’t share the same enthusiasm.

Prior to the change, if I had 12 visitors to my site, at least 9 would request a quote. This time I had 144 potential car shipping clients visiting my site which if you do the math, 108 should request a quote, but only 6 did. Even though I saw an increase in traffic, I saw a drop in the number of car shipping quote requests I was getting. Which meant I was losing money.

I Lost 108 Car Shipping Clients From This One Thing

But what was this one thing? Was it the branding? Was it the name?

Eventually I set up a consultation with a marketing expert because something just had to give. After taking a glance at my site, he immediately pointed out what he saw wrong with it.

The color.

So I went to work. I changed the magenta color to black and immediately saw an increase to the amount of quote requests I was getting.

It didn’t end there. I finally started seeing an increase in the number of people requesting a quote and I knew then I was onto something.

I realized that your logo and the color of it affects how people perceive you. In dummy terms?

Choose the wrong logo and color? Lose potential clients.

Choose the right one? You will start seeing more business.

This led me to start doing extensive research on how the psychology of color affects our perception and our business.

Like how blue gives a feeling of trust and red gives off a feeling of excitement.

So when you sit down to create your logo for your business think about color and the message you want to send to potential clients. Then make sure your logo looks professional. Don’t skimp here because PERCEPTION is everything.

Want to create a professional logo but don’t know where to start?

Check out my mini course on how to create your own auto transport business logo in 3 days with no design skills or expensive software needed. A $97 mini course is now yours for free. Get it before it’s gone.

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