Handling Refunds and Unhappy Customers

Hello, hello.

You’ve finally made it to the last installment of the clients from hell series. Let me ask you a question, do you know the right way to go about handling refunds and unhappy customers? Are you confident in your abilities to deal with these situations with grace and with ease?

If you said no to any of those questions, you’re not alone.

Most auto transport brokers go about handling refunds and unhappy customers the wrong way!

No wonder one of the biggest reason for auto transport brokers going out of business is chargebacks.

How you go about handling refunds and unhappy customers says a lot about not only your company but about you as a person.

Although we are #RebelBrokers, we are the good kind. See, you and I , we aren’t just rebels, we are rebels with a cause. A cause to change how we do brokering and have so much more fun and success than our competitors. {Not our colleagues- big difference.}

So it’s that much more important that when it comes to handling refunds and unhappy customers, we do it right and that’s precisely what I’m going to teach you today.


I actually have a top secret highly effective play that you can use to not only help with handling refunds and unhappy customers, but completely prevent you from ever having to deal with situations like it.

Ready for it?

A money back guarantee.

Yes, it’s as simple as having a money back guarantee for your clients.

There are a bunch of brokers that offer a money back guarantee which is good and dandy, but clients are smart. The guarantee is usually highly restrictive and they are all the same- which is why mine stands out.

When I say to potential clients, “You know Mark, I offer a money back guarantee”, a lot of them initially, aren’t sold on it. Why? Well they’re saying things like,  “the other auto transport brokers are offering it too.” or “So what?”

That’s when I explain why my money back guarantee is unlike any other out there and immediately, they trust me. They realize that I am not out to rob them blind without a gun. They more importantly realize that their happiness is my number one goal. And guess what happens next?

They ask, “how do I pay?”

But let’s say you’ve already booked a client, they’ve paid their fee and now they want their money back. What do you do?

If your clients want their money back or they’re unhappy with your services for whatever reason, simply apologize for the issue, say you’ll work to make sure it never happens again with future clients and most importantly, offer them a FULL refund.

A lot of auto transport brokers will offer a refund but minus “administrative charges”. {Disclaimer:  When I started, I foolishly copied them and did the exact same thing}

This is the wrong approach.

Trust me. When you offer a full refund, one of two things will happen.

1) The client will feel guilty and say no thanks. To just get their car moved.


2) They’ll take the refund and you’ll more than likely escape a negative review.

WIN-WIN for you.

It’s time to get your game face on.

I want to hear from you in the comments below. Do you currently offer or will offer a Money Back Guarantee in the future? If you currently offer one, let’s hear it. And if you plan to offer one in the future, let’s brainstorm one for your business. See you in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading, sharing and commenting.

2 Responses

  1. Hey Ash. I plan to offer a money back guarantee in the future. I will offer a refund before their vehicle is assigned to a carrier. Is that the right thing to do? I love your posts. Thank you so much.

    1. My man Jared. Thanks for participating as always. That’s a great start, but let’s push it further. Most brokers offer that. So how can you set yourself apart from that? Put yourself in your clients shoes. What would make them happy? What will make them “pay you”. So keep it coming.

      Always on your team,
      Ashley | Head Coach and Your Biggest Fan

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