Episode 002 | Auto Transport Branding Using Archetypes

On episode 002 of the Ship More Cars Podcast, we are talking about auto transport branding using archetypes. If you are just starting your business or maybe you are looking for another way to help your business look more consistent and garner loyalty from your potential customers? Then this episode is for you.

As a disclaimer: The thoughts I share on here are mine and mine alone. It’s one person’s opinion and you choose how you receive this information and how you use it to transform your life and/or business.

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  1. considerate, attentive, knowledgeable.

    • Hello Johnny, I would say those go with two different archetypes: The caregiver and the sage. I think with the words considerate and attentive, you should play more on the caregiver aspect for your brand. Your goal should be to make your customers feel cared for, taken care of and safe without you actually saying it. Does this sound like your plan? Your vision for your business?

  2. Fun, smart, calm

    • Of course I love the smart and fun. If that’s how you feel about yourself, I urge you to use it in your branding. That could fall under the jester/entertainer archetype or you can play off of the sage archetype. I would lean more towards the jester since you used the word fun. I.e. At one point, I used the slogan: “the smart way to ship your car.” It was a huge hit. Obviously you need to create something for yourself that resonates with you. Hope this inspires you!


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