Eliminate doubt in your auto transport business with this simple exercise

Have you ever sat around wondering what if I fail? Or what if I go broke? Your mind filled with so many uncertainties that you find yourself doubting your abilities?

I know this all too well. For many years, I was the queen of what if questions. Most of them negative. I realized how this negative thinking affects your chances for success. So in this video I want to share with you a simple little exercise that has helped many people including myself eliminate doubt.

Let me help you

Eliminate doubt in your auto transport business with this simple exercise

No time to watch the video? Here’s the transcript:


Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars, it’s your girl Ashley from ReloGeek.com. In this video we are talking about doubt and a simple exercise you can use to help you deal with all the what ifs questions you face everyday in your business and in life.

When hurricane Matthew was headed our way with all kinds of reports of how bad the storm would be, I laid in bed filling my mind with a bunch of what if questions.

  • What if I don’t get to film my YouTube video for the week?
  • What if the storm hits my house?
  • What if we lose power for days? Because after all, we lose power during silly rain storms.

All of these what if’s began to cloud my mind for a good five minutes or so before I caught them. You see, for most people who know me, they know that a few years ago, I was the biggest queen of what if’s. And usually always on the negative side.

But over time, I learned that asking those questions? Usually led to said events occurring.

This revelation changed the way I approached what if’s and how I am able to conquer doubt.

I know that when you’re just starting out or heck even as a seasoned vet, you’re going to ask yourself a ton of what if questions. But I want to share a little exercise I’ve learned along the way that’ll help you bury doubt once and for all.

In fact I challenge you to do this exercise:

01 | Grab a pen and paper and draw three columns.
02 | At the top of the 1st column, I want you to write “What If Negative”. 2nd column write “What if Positive”. Last column write “Positive Outcome”.

Now in the first column, you’re going to list all the negative what if questions you have. Things like: what if I fail? What if I go broke? What if I can’t support my family?

You get the point.

Then in column two, you’re going to write the positive version of those. So what if I succeed? What if I’m rich? What if I can support my family?

Lastly in the third column, write down what would happen if those things happened. If I succeed this will happen. Or if I can support my family, this will happen.

You’re going to do this for every negative what if question you have.

Once you’re done, take a long look at that list. Then scribble out the first column into oblivion.

I want you to only focus your time and energy into the 2nd and 3rd columns.

Write them on sticky notes. Post them above your desk.

Set calendar reminders daily.


Because positive affirmations lead to positive outcomes. And since I want you to succeed at not only business but in life as well, I know how much this one activity, this one ritual, this one practice can change your life.

If it’s worked for me, it can work for you.

Every time you feel down or you start second guessing yourself, I want you to come back to this exercise.

now it’s your turn, In the comments below, I want to hear one of your what if positive and the positive outcome.

If you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos just like it. Thanks for watching I’m Ashley from ReloGeek.com. Now get out there and make moves happen. I’ll see you in the next video.

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