Do you want to get ? rich off truck drivers?

Looking to start a car hauling business without a CDL or truck? Do you see car hauling as a big opportunity to piggyback off the drivers and get rich? Or maybe you have goals of becoming a dispatcher but you have absolutely no experience whatsoever. If you are nodding your head saying “yes Ashley.” Then this podcast is for you.



Car hauling business course:

Auto Transport Broker training course:

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  1. Hi my name is Traci. I’ve had my class A CDL since 2006 and have been actively OTR and regional since 2011. My Ex and I had a car hauling business that we started from the ground up from 2011 til 13. Although the business was pretty lucrative we had major breakdowns and was forced to shut down. Since then I have driven solo as an owner operator til 2016 where I leased a truck with Swift (bad idea) Now I regionally pulling containers. I’ve been following you on YouTube for over a year and I’m ready to take the plunge into brokering. I’ve been procrastinating with this goal for so long and I just really need help. So I’m here to take your course or whatever I need to do to get started. Thank you so much, you truly inspire me! Hope to here back soon.
    PS I’m very familiar with Central Dispatch even though it may have change since 2013. Also I don’t have my own authority it under my ex. Feel free to contact via email or phone at 404-333-5476 or
    Traci Thornton

    1. Hey Traci! congrats on getting back up on the horse so to speak! I think you could benefit from my monthly membership program. It includes access to both my flagship courses: reloacademy and haul and hustle (car hauling business course). Check it out over at and tell me what you think.

      Hope to see you inside!


  2. I’m waiting to get into the business of a car hauler. What do I need to start the process?

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