Convert More Auto Transport Leads Into Clients With This Strategy

Over the past few days, we’ve been talking about the few ways in which you can convert more auto transport leads.

The first thing we discussed was the number one thing that 97% of auto transport companies are doing wrong and how if they just changed this one thing, they could increase their conversion ratios.

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So after we uncovered the one thing you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, we went further in depth. No matter how good your sales skills are, you will never have the opportunity to express them if you can’t get your client on the phone.

More so, when you’re buying shared auto transport leads, you will struggle to be the first person to call. A battle you’ll probably lose every time. So we broke down how to get them to open your email by tweaking three little things.

If you missed that one, check out the article titled: Converting Auto Transport Leads: 3 Keys To Getting Your Emails Read.

And so today, we are going to cover the final missing piece to the puzzle,

How to Convert More Auto Transport Leads Into Clients With This One Tip.

But before we get into that, there’s something I failed to mention in this video that’s equally as important as any lead conversion strategy. You need to give yourself and your clients time before you automatically consider a lead a bust. There’s been times when I would talk to a client and weeks later they’re calling me back ready to book. So sometimes the work you put in doesn’t pay off right away but give it some time and it will. And I always believed this and to this day, I feel the same way;

If you do everything in your power to win the client and they don’t choose you, they weren’t meant to be your client.

So never get down on yourself about lost clients.

“The most successful salesperson is the one who is able to bounce back from No’s the fastest.”

-Barbara Corcoran

So without further ado, let’s get into this weeks episode of ReloGeek Tv:

My Strategy For Converting Auto Transport Leads.


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