Is central dispatch bad or good for auto transport?

So many of you ask for my thoughts on Central Dispatch and whether I believe it does more harm than good to the auto transport industry. Rightfully so.

But before I share my thoughts on the platform, let me share what Central Dispatch is/does for those of you who don’t know.

So what is Central Dispatch?


Central Dispatch is currently the #1 auto transport load board.


It connects auto transport brokers, car haulers and automobile dealers together in one online space. Sounds great right?

In short, if you have a car hauling business, you can use central dispatch to find auto transport loads. Likewise, as an auto transport broker or car dealer, you can use Central Dispatch to find car haulers who will move your / your client’s vehicles.

But how could something so good be so bad? 

Well on this episode of ReloGeek TV, I am sharing just that. I will share my personal thoughts on the platform and how you as a car hauler or auto transport broker should/should not be using Central Dispatch in your business.

Hint: It all boils down to your business strategy and how you plan to use the platform for your auto transport business.

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