Car Shipping for Military Relocation. Are you feeling in over your head with a ginormous military relocation and car shipping checklist?

I have a few tips that will make your military transfer a bit easier. But first, let me start off by saying I have nothing but respect for the troops that serve our country. To be a soldier, you have to have courage, strength and discipline- To be a soldiers wife, you have to have PERSEVERANCE. {I curtsy to you}

My father was an Air Force man. I grew up wanting to be just like him in so many ways. He fought in the Korean War and later went on to drive trucks. I graduated high school and started college with the intentions of being a psychologist, but my path changed. I decided to leave school and had two options; join the military or drive a truck. My father said he would rather me drive a truck than join the military because it was no place for women. I took the Air Force test and passed with a high enough mark that I could get the job I wanted as a load master. A job that would highlight my math skills and allow me to travel.

My father being the most important person in my life at that time was saddened. My hubby who was just a love interest at the time, didn’t want me to go either. He said he could teach me to drive trucks and we can drive across country together. He pointed to the air and said, “picture this: nothing but blue skies in our future.”

I contemplated and weighed my options and spoke with my father again. He still didn’t want me to go but said, “Life is only what you make it, not what others tell you you should make of it.”

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Anyways, fast forward a few years and here I am, an auto transport broker with years of experience as a truck driver.

Military relocation is something almost every single soldier will have to go through. As a wife, you are constantly having to move your family while he’s being stationed. When you are in the midst of a military transfer, it can be hard on you and everyone around you.

I have a friend who is married to a Navy Sailor. {My brother was in the Navy as well so I know from experience how difficult it can be when they are constantly being sent out to sea} When her husband had to be stationed again, he was out at sea because of the war on Iraq. She was left with the responsibility and burden of all the packing and trying to find a car delivery company. She had 3 kids at home and between taking care of them and trying to pack an entire house alone, she was in over her head.

Based on her experience, {for my military wives} I have outlined a few tips that can help make any military transfer a less stressful:

Military Relocation Tip #1- Never get overwhelmed.
Military Relocation Tip #2- Try to keep things organized and do a little at a time until its all complete.
Military Relocation Tip #3- Remember to eat healthy and maintain your strength because you are the glue that keeps things together.
Military Relocation Tip #4- Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you need to ship your car and want to work with a company whose only mission to make sure every client feels irrefutably taken care of, then fill out our client questionnaire. We want to work with you.

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