Car Haulers: Finding Leads Outside Central Dispatch

“Central Dispatch is great for car haulers who are just starting out.”

Chances are, as a car hauler, your goal is to move outside of Central Dispatch. Central Dispatch is great for car haulers who are just starting out or for those days when you can’t fill your truck, but when it comes to relying on it? I can see why you want to find new strategies for finding clients outside of it.

The days have changed. Most auto transport brokers are less knowledgeable, less caring about the driver and more concerned with their bottom lines. This is why a lot of car haulers say, “brokers make us broke.” Sadly enough, it’s partially true.

The barrier to entry as an auto transport broker is far less than someone looking to own their own trucks. Unfortunately, most brokers don’t know or care about this. They are more concerned about getting the client than they are about forging relationships with the carriers. Reality is, brokers and carriers can benefit from healthy relationships with each other. And since most of the time, there is no respect or no budging on the matter, this only adds even more bricks to the already high wall between the two.

So naturally, car haulers want to find ways to generate their own client base and I don’t blame them. In fact, I highly recommend that you do. More so, I highly recommend brokers try to find ways to move their businesses outside of purchasing auto transport leads.

So in this video, I am sharing 4 simple strategies for car haulers looking to find leads outside of central dispatch. If you’re an auto transport broker, no worries. You can use some of these strategies to help you find clients outside of buying auto transport leads.

So without further ado, let’s get started:



In the comments below, I want to know which of these four strategies can you see yourself using straight away? As always thanks for watching!

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