One of the most common questions I get asked by people like you is, “Can you really make money as an auto transport broker?”

I  mean why jump into an industry that’s as competitive as the auto transport industry if you can’t make money? I mean, I’m sure you’re not becoming an auto transport broker for the fun of it.

At least I hope not.

So the big question is, will you make money ? And that’s precisely what i will answer in this ReloGeek TV episode but first let me say this.

There’s a big difference between can you and will you.

Can you is something I can answer for you but will you? Well that’s left up to you. There’s been entrepreneurs who’ve made money in industries where people have failed. And there’s plenty of entrepreneurs who start businesses in industries where there’s a lot of successful people and failed. So will you? That’s always left up to you, your drive and your resilience.


So here it is:

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