What a bold statement! I will bet you $1,000 that you will not be covered by your auto transport brokers insurance. I will go a step further and say that even though an auto transport broker is licensed, bonded and insured, it doesn’t mean jack for you.

Insurance is the most complicated thing to understand, be it for shipping a car, moving your household goods, your auto insurance- heck even health insurance is so darn complicated! I mean seriously think about how many times you’ve had to go to the doctor, only to find out that your nose job isn’t covered. Oh no! Or if you got into a little fender bender with garage door because you were too busy watching your neighbor walk her cute little chihuahua?

Insurance is just so complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you know a few little details.


An auto transport broker should be licensed, bonded and insured. Your carrier should be licensed and insured. But which insurance covers your behind when life hands you a mud pie?

Watch this video to learn about which insurance covers you in the event something happens when shipping your car.

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