Can You Become An Auto Transport Broker Without Experience?

Can You Become An Auto Transport Broker Without Experience?

This past week, I was chatting it up with my Inner Circle Posse and the topic of having experience came up. Most people that try to work for an auto transport broker as a broker agent will face the question of whether or not they have experience.

This wouldn’t be too big of a deal had it not been that almost all auto transport brokers require you to have experience.

Why is that?

There are no game changers.

In the beginning I thought having experience in the auto transport industry was a requirement because this is after all a copy cat industry.

Everyone does what everyone else is doing. Except of course my ReloAcademy students who’s been given access to the knowledge on how to be original in this industry and make money.

But not everyone has taken the course so we see a bunch of “Samies“.

So yeah, that was my conclusion before.

But since becoming a consultant, I’ve been able to work with companies behind the scenes and more importantly, I’ve helped develop and redesign their hiring processes.

By getting this looking into the hiring processes of most auto transport brokers, I made a fascinating discovery.


What I discovered was an eye opener.

Yes, some auto transport brokers don’t have a reason for asking for experience, but majority of them do. And it’s a legitimate one but only if you’re a newbie broker and you’re hiring your first few employees.

However, larger more established auto transport brokers shouldn’t use this excuse.

But that’s a post for a different day. Today we are talking about becoming an auto transport broker, not a freight broker agent {or auto transport broker agent}.

The main question was do you need experience to become an auto transport broker and if so, how do you gain this experience to ensure you start and run a successful business?

So that’s what I cover in this short video:


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