So many people come to me asking whether or not it’s possible to start doing auto transport part time.

I’ve heard things like, “Ashley, can I haul cars part time?” or “Ashley, I want to become an auto transport broker, can I do it part time?”

I get it, you want to start your auto transport business but…

  • You also need the income that your day job provides.
  • Or maybe you love auto transport but you want to get your feet wet first, so to speak.
  • Or maybe, just maybe you are bored out of your mind and want to do something to bring in a little extra cash on the side. You know, a side hustle. And hauling cars or brokering them seem easy enough.

Like I said, I totally get it.

But just because I understand why you’re thinking about doing auto transport part time, doesn’t mean I agree with it. 

So if this is you, and you’re asking yourself these questions? This video can help shed some light on my opinion about doing auto transport part time.

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