VIDEO: Auto Transport Leads- What You Need To Know

Hey ReloFans! Welcome to another edition of the ReloGeek Insider. Today, I am shifting gears a bit and answering one of the most commonly asked questions, and it’s about Auto Transport Leads- What You Need To Know. Let me ask you; Are you interested in becoming an auto transport broker and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are already one and are looking on growing your business through auto transport leads? Or maybe you are looking to ship a car so you have filled out one of those “Get 10 Free Instant Quotes” forms online and you are being bombarded by so many calls and emails and want to know why?!

If you fall in any of those categories, then this week’s video on auto transport leads is for you.

Now before I get into the video on Auto Transport Leads, I want to preface with a little back story. When I started this company back in early 2013, I knew NOTHING about being an auto transport broker or about running an online business. Heck, I didn’t even know that it would be so freaking hard trying to turn potential clients into paying ones or how to capitalize on auto transport leads. I was right where you are today.

It took so much trial and error, making many mistakes along the way, EVEN wasting thousands of dollars in a short time. I don’t want to scare you but when I started, I put  $15,000 in my business account from money that I saved while driving a truck for 7 plus years, and in 4 short months-

I watched half of it vanish!

Yes vanish- I couldn’t even tell you where it went or why it went so fast. Okay, I could but that’s a topic for another day. See, because I felt like I had money and you need to spend money to make money, I was careless. Company selling auto transport leads? I got this. It was “chump change” to me.

So imagine how I felt when I realized the money was going and fast? And worst part, I wasn’t converting that many clients- I was on the verge of quitting and going back to photography or something. But something changed dramatically. I said okay, Im buying auto transport leads, so obviously people want to ship a car. How can I convert these auto transport leads into profit? I sketched out a simple plan, I executed. It failed! So I went back again and again and again, when finally I came up with a system that worked.


I eventually started capitalizing on these auto transport leads. I started trying out advertising on various other avenues and eventually I came up with a new idea. I didn’t have a problem with the auto transport leads, they were converting and getting the job done for me- my new problem was the drive to create a business that didn’t depend solely on these auto transport leads. I wanted to turn these auto transport leads into an organically grown business. So I did that and here I am today.

So you like many others, want to know about auto transport leads and whether its for you. Now that you know a little about my experience with buying auto transport leads, let’s get into this weeks episode.

Auto Transport Leads- What You Need To Know:


So now it’s your turn? Are you an auto transport broker who’s had success with auto transport leads- Let’s hear about your advice. If you are still confused about how auto transport leads work, leave a comment below.

As always, thanks for watching The ReloGeek Insider and Happy HumpDay!

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