Auto Transport Jobs | Getting Hired As An Auto Transport Agent

You know you want to become part of an ever growing industry and so you’ve done your research. In the end, you’ve decided that auto transport is the way to go but one obstacle is standing in your way:

How do you get auto transport jobs if you have no auto transport experience?

Getting hired as an auto transport agent is tough. Why? Because every company out there wants you to have experience. But how does one get experience if no one is willing to hire without it? Sounds like a little pickle and it is. If you let it be.

So today, I’ve recorded a short audio about my take on landing auto transport jobs even when you have zero experience. This is just my opinion and how if I was in your position today, knowing all that I know and having experienced what I’ve experienced? This is how I would personally approach my job search.

Because after all, I do like a challenge.

If you want more content in this format, let me know in the comments below. Similarly, if you want me to talk more about landing auto transport jobs and being a better agent, also leave a comment below.


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