Auto Transport Business and Social Media

Everyone is on some form of social…. Can you say the same for your auto transport business?

Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars, it’s your girl Ashley here. I have a question for you:

How are you using social media for your auto transport business?

When it comes to social media, I’ve been doing some digging. Yup, that’s right. I got my gloves, my shovel and a trash bin to throw away any unwanted weeds. Or in this case: auto transport businesses that are doing social media all wrong. Now I am no expert, just a girl with a love for data, human behavior and all things relocation. Amongst many other things…

But one thing I am an expert at? Sniffing out a salesman from a mile away.

So on my recent quest for seeing what auto transport businesses are doing in the digital space, I have noticed that a lot of auto transport businesses are doing social media all wrong. And it’s scary.

If you want to know what they are doing wrong and how you, whether you have a car hauling business, an auto transport broker business or simply sell to the awesome people who do, can leverage social media the right way?

Then this video is for you!

I hope you enjoy it in all its goodie-ness. Yep I said “goodie-ness”!

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