I got asked this question by a lovely member of our community: Courtney. Courtney asks “Starting an auto transport business with a team or a partner, what suggestions do you have for starting with a team?”

I love this question on so many levels.

I think it’s a topic we should talk more about because it can be the difference between having a successful auto transport business and one that will sink before it can even have a chance to explore the Atlantic Ocean. Just as in a previous video where I talk about how I saved $100k , I stand behind the importance of financial planning. Finances are key to any business seeing growth or being financially secure.

Starting a business with a partner can be based on your financial position. It can affect how you split profit. Likewise hiring a sales team can completely impact your finances. So it’s still very significant in this conversation.

So in this video I address both topics. How to start an auto transport business with a partner and what to consider when hiring sales teams.

The information in this video can be applied to auto transport brokers, car haulers and people who sell to them.

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