Do you want to know about designing an auto transport broker website? I hope so but first, I want to say congratulations to the winner of my Auto Transport Broker Website Audit giveaway: Tamarah.

She won the giveaway I posted on my Facebook page ( so for that, this video is a bit different from all of the other videos I’ve done in the past.

In this video, I am reviewing her auto transport broker website and using one of my website templates that I give away for free in my auto transport broker training course ( to build her a semi custom website.

Also, I cover some lead conversion techniques while I am waiting for the computer to load so be sure to watch the video to check it out.

So in this video, I am publicly auditing Ms. Tamarah’s website and I went a step further to publicly design a website for her. Check it out. Let me know in the comments below if you like when I do videos like this.

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