Auto Transport Broker Website (Audit and Design)

Do you want to know about designing an auto transport broker website? I hope so but first, I want to say congratulations to the winner of my Auto Transport Broker Website Audit giveaway: Tamarah.

She won the giveaway I posted on my Facebook page ( so for that, this video is a bit different from all of the other videos I’ve done in the past.

In this video, I am reviewing her auto transport broker website and using one of my website templates that I give away for free in my auto transport broker training course ( to build her a semi custom website.

Also, I cover some lead conversion techniques while I am waiting for the computer to load so be sure to watch the video to check it out.

So in this video, I am publicly auditing Ms. Tamarah’s website and I went a step further to publicly design a website for her. Check it out. Let me know in the comments below if you like when I do videos like this.

2 Responses

  1. I used to be in car hauling a few years back and I just purchased a car hauler this past weekend Im looking forward to learning the industry again plus taking classes to be a broker. So! Ill be watching your videos to give me a better understanding of what steps to take.

    1. Awesome stuff! Congrats on jumping back in head first! Love it. I think that my monthly membership might be of use to you. Since you get access to both courses through it, you can cancel at any time AND you get to text me whenever you need help. It’s a no brainer. Check it out over at

      Cheers to your success!


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