Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars! I’m back with another video but today, we’re talking about the launch of ReloAcademy 2.0.

So what is Reloacademy?

If you don’t know what ReloAcademy is, it’s an auto transport broker training program designed to help you start and run an auto transport broker business from the ground up. You’ll learn the 16 steps to starting your business, you’ll know the key elements you need when designing your website. Then by the end of module three, you’ll know how to run your auto transport broker business with confidence. Finally, at the end of module four, you’ll have the step by step system for booking a load.

Complete newbie?


Not a problem. You’ll learn everything you need inside the training program. Reloacademy 2.0 was designed with you in mind.

Already a broker?

Even if you’ve acquired your frieght broker license, if you don’t know how auto transport works, you’ll be a sinking ship. Joining Reloacademy will help you understand the auto transport industry and help you step into your new and exciting direction with ease and more importantly, with confidence.

So check out the video to learn more about the auto transport broker training program or head over to the official Reloacademy page to signup.

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