Time is money and money is a necessity so why waste it?

When it comes to running your auto transport broker business, you want the best bang for your time. Why? Because time is money.

Every second that you spend making calls, writing emails, dispatching drivers, whatever it is you do, every second you spend in your business is one more second away from your family, friends or pets.

One more second that’s taken away from doing what you love. (Unless working is what you love to do).

That’s why I preach the importance of using the right tools to efficiently run your auto transport broker business. (Download your free auto transport broker toolkit if you haven’t already).

You didn’t start your business to waste time or become a charity case. You started your business to make money and fast.

And the best way to do it?

Is making sure that you’re using this simple but complex tool that all auto transport brokers must have.

Want to know what that tool is?

Check it out in this week’s episode of ReloGeek TV:


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