Hey what’s up car shipping rockstars!

So in spirit of the holidays, I was thinking a lot about the relationship between auto transport brokers and car haulers.

For as long as I can remember, relationships between brokers and carriers have been hazardous. Carriers hate brokers, brokers don’t understand carriers… it’s a cycle that needs to end.

When brokers and carriers work together, everyone can win, but it has to start there. Learning how you as an auto transport broker or a car hauler, can start working with the other successfully.

I started teaching people about the industry because I wanted to change it. I wanted to make a difference and revolutionize the industry at the same time. Although some might think I’m crazy for thinking I can change an industry, it’s always been my goal and I am not giving up anytime soon. One day, the auto transport broker / car hauler relationship will be mended. I just hope I’ll be alive to see it!

In this video, I talk about those relationships and how everyone can succeed if you all can find a way to work together.

Check out the video.

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