7 Reasons to Become an Auto Transport Broker

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Today, we’re covering..


7 reasons to become an auto transport broker right now.

So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.

# 7: You can always sell your business, pass it down to family or hire people to run it for you.


When you create an auto transport brand you’re creating something that’s built to stand the test of time.

This is one of the things we teach our students. 

Where most people focus on creating a business that makes money right now…

They are encouraged and supported in building a brand that can grow over time and outlive the other businesses that have come before them.

Yes you want money now, but understanding that you need a solid foundation is key to long lasting success.

This way when you’re tired of brokering and want to pass it down to your family.

If you want to retire and decide to hire someone to run it for you while you collect the checks.

Or you simply get money out of your business by selling it for a profit.

You can. 

But it starts with building an asset that is actually worth something.


#6: No experience necessary to get started.


In some industries you’re required to have some formal education or degree to get started…

Or maybe you need qualifications or certificates to build that business..

And in some cases there’s so many regulations that prohibit you from getting started without the required experience…

But not to become an auto transport broker.

That’s why we love to teach people about this business.

Currently as we’re posting this video, there’s no pre qualifications needed to start an auto transport business.

Now obviously nothing is set in stone.

And one day that may change.

But for now, it’s pretty open

You can literally hear about it today and get started building your business tomorrow.

As long as you have the money and time to put into creating your legacy.


#5: Very low start up costs.


The average start up costs for a franchise is between $100k and $300,000.

The average cost to pay an experienced developer to build you a very simple app is $40k- $60,000.

The average cost to become an auto transport broker?

Falls somewhere between $2500-5000.

Depending on your bond company.

Securing the bond is your biggest expense.

Once you know how much that’ll cost you, the rest is small change in comparison.

Even on the higher end, a $5000 startup investment means that you could take one tax refund check and you’re in business.

And in fact it may cost you absolutely nothing to become an auto transport broker.


#4: It’s an easy and profitable add on to your business if you’re already a freight broker.


Yes, you’ve read that right.

If you already have your freight broker license, you can literally start shipping cars right now.

There’s no additional licensing or fees needed.

That is of course outside of paying a small monthly fee for software and access to the auto transport load board.

If you decide to buy auto transport leads you’ll obviously have to pay for that.

These are just day to day expenses of running a business.

We’ve had quite a few experienced freight brokers take our training program because they wanted to add an additional revenue stream to their business.

And a few that we know of have seen massive success doing that.

As you’ll learn inside the Ultimate Auto Transport Broker Training Course, you want to maximize your revenue.

We give you some ways to do just that…

The obvious one for freight brokers is adding auto transport services to your business.

Whether you’re an existing freight broker or an aspiring auto transport broker… you can set your business up for success..

We’ll show you how. 

Simply click here for more information on our course.


#3: Auto transport brokering doesn’t require employees.


Now this one may be a bit controversial.

You may want employees or a huge team and that’s fine.

But some people like the freedom and flexibility of not having someone rely on them.

They don’t want to lead a team and they don’t want to expand past a one person show.

And that’s the joy of starting your auto transport business.

You get to choose what works best for you,


# 2: Becoming an auto transport broker makes it easy to relocate.


All you need is a phone, decent internet service and the know-how and you’re in business.

That means you can work from home, work from a hotel or even work from your campervan if that’s your thing.

The point is..

When you become an auto transport broker you get to have the freedom and flexibility to move around.

You can do business anywhere in the U.S., Canada or even overseas!

There is one caveat here.

If you’re buying leads, you’ll find that you’ll spend quite a bit of time on the phone converting them.

So keep that in mind as you’re building your business.

That’s why we teach you both strategies:

How to attract high value auto transport clients without buying leads…

And how to convert leads like a boss.

Pick what works best for you and know you’ll have the strategies to back it.


#1: Be a part of a $400 billion industry that is always growing.


Cars will always need to be transported from one place to the next.

For as long as factories like Ford and GM existed, car haulers co-existed with them.

That means they are not going anywhere.

As long as you continue to evolve and grow with the times…

As long as you build a timeless brand on a solid foundation…

And as long as you’re still interested and passionate about the business…

Becoming an auto transport broker means huge income potential.

This is not some get rich quick overnight business..

It’s not some build it and forget it business either…

But if you put in the time, effort and dedication to build something sustainable, honest and unique…

You will reap the benefits.


So there you have it..

7 reasons to become an auto transport broker right now.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

Now get out there and make moves happen.

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