5 things car haulers should consider before choosing a route

In this video we are talking about the 5 things car haulers should consider before choosing a route. Now this list is not the only thing you should consider, but these are the top 5 things I believe from my experience, that you should think about. Not in the mood to watch the video? Keep scrolling for the transcript:



Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars. I’m Ashley from ReloGeek.com. In this video we’re talking about:


The 5 things car haulers should consider before selecting a route.


When it comes to starting a car hauling business there’s many facets of the business you need to consider. As much as I would love to get into them all, today we’re talking about one of the biggest ones: Your route.

There’s three types of car haulers.

1 | you have car haulers that prefer to run on a dedicated route
2 | you have car haulers that will go wherever the money is
3 | you have car haulers that do both. They run dedicated routes but base which ones they run and when on how much they will make.

When you start a car hauling business, it’s hard to decide which one you’ll be. If you have no clue, no worries, I’m not saying you need to put yourself in “a box” so to speak, but eventually you’ll know.


In the meantime, here’s five things to consider before choosing your route:


1| tolls: let’s say there’s a specific route you have in mind. Maybe it’s Florida to New York for instance. You’ll want to figure out if there’s tolls along this route.

If there are tolls, this could take away from your potential profit. If the cars aren’t paying much on these routes, you can find yourself making a lot less than if you chose an equally paying route with no tolls.

2| highways: if you’ve driven a truck for any amount of time, you’ll learn that going off the beaten path or on back roads dramatically kills your profits. Why? Time is money and the amount of time it takes to get to less accessible locations mean less money.

3 | roundtrip: on any route you’re considering, you should ask yourself: can i return. Is it possible to get runs out of there. And if not, how far do you have to drive to get a load? When you’re an owner operator, Deadhead miles are a no no. Keeping them to a minimum will be the difference between a successful trip and a not so successful one.

4| height restrictions: I love me some NYC but let’s face it it’s not the most trucker friendly. This is true for a lot of small towns. You want to chose routes that are less likely to have height and or weight restrictions. Last thing you want is to realize this after you’re stuck under an overpass. Obviously this is not easily avoidable but know the height of your equipment on every run and when you see a sign for low clearance there’s no Russian roulette needed.

5| easily accessible: you want to make sure that any place you go is easily accessible. This one ties in with highways. You don’t want to venture too far from the main highway.

And because I love you guys here’s a bonus: traffic. As much as you can’t control traffic, try to plan your routes to optimize driving time. Whether this is choosing to drive all night when going into large cities or choosing to avoid stretches of highway known as traffic spots. As an example: if you’re going up the 95 into NY, rather than staying on the 95 through Baltimore, I’d go up the back route taking me through Delaware instead.

There you have it. 5 things car haulers should consider before choosing a route.

As you can see, it’s hard to avoid every situation, no matter how hard you plan. But by being smart about your routes you can maximize your profits.

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Thanks for watching, Im Ashley from ReloGeek.com now get out there and make moves happen. I’ll see you in the next video.

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